How Does the Economy Bias Valuations?

In a perfect world, a business valuation would be a totally objective assessment of a company’s worth. But many factors can influence the outcome, including parties involved and the purpose of the valuation. That type of bias might be readily ident… Read More
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Hidden Liabilities Affect the Value of a Business

No business is perfect. Some liabilities or poorly performing assets are obvious and stated – debts and payables, uncollectable accounts receivable, obsolete equipment and warranty agreements. How the sale is structured will determine the new owner… Read More
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Tax Court Criticized In Estate’s Art Collection Case

The collection includes artwork by many famous artists, including Pablo Picasso, Paul Cezanne, Jackson Pollock and Henry Moore, to name a few. The question was how much a partial interest in the art collection of Houston millionaire James A. Elkins w… Read More
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What Improvements Should Be Made Before Selling Your Business?

You’ve made the decision to sell. How can you get the most for your business? It probably won’t be by putting it on the market as is, unless you’re one of the fortunate few who sell at the life-cycle peak. Too many owners wait until the busines… Read More
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Buy/Sell Agreements: Don’t Be Without One

A buy-sell agreement is one of the most important legal documents a closely held or family business can hold, along with the legally necessary documents such as articles of incorporation and partnership agreements. Business owners involved in clos… Read More
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