Corporate Valuation & Consulting Services

Assisting business owners, shareholders and other interest holders is the cornerstone of UHY Advisors' valuation and consulting services. By providing a valuation report or a consulting work product that considers current financial theory, the use of valid empirical data, and the performance of sound and well-reasoned financial analyses, we can assist management in the decision making process for any number of critical decision points including:

  • Valuation and feasibility of an ESOP
  • Redemption or purchase of a shareholder or interest holder
  • Merging with another business
  • Acquisition of a business, product line or other business line
  • Reorganization of business
  • Purchase price allocation for tax purposes
  • IRC Section 409A valuation – stock options, warrants and other grants
  • Valuing intangible and intellectual property
  • Resolution of dissenting or minority shareholder disputes
  • Determination of minority, marketability, key-man and other discounts
  • Valuation for estate and gift planning
  • Fairness opinions
  • S corporation conversions
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Financing alternatives and impact upon value
  • Valuation in bankruptcy – Section 363 sale of assets
  • Financial & strategic due diligence
  • Development of succession plan
  • Assistance in developing an Exit Plan
  • Buy-side representation / Sell-side representation
  • Buy-in strategies and valuation

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