Tax Planning & Compliance

An extremely important element of tax planning for entities and individuals is an appraisal. It is important to ensure that a business appraisal meet the requirements indicated by the Internal Revenue Service. Having an appraisal that meets these requirements is important, but just as important is having a defensible and supportable valuation conclusion using financial theory and empirical date appropriately.

Services Offered

  • Conversion from a C corporation to an S corporation
  • Determination of the limits of net operating loss carry-forwards
  • Transfers of interests, assets or liabilities to related entities
  • Elections to recognize gain under IRC Section 83(b)
  • Determination of worthless securities
  • Value of charitable contributions and gifts
  • Stock redemptions by related parties
  • Exchange of property under IRC 1031
  • Testing and creation of buy-sell agreement valuation provisions.
  • IRC Section 409a compliance – stock options, deferred compensation, etc.
  • Gift and estate tax
  • Carve outs/spinoffs
  • Related party IP transfers – IRC Section 367
  • Transaction allocations – IRC-338/1060
  • Transfer pricing

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